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Martial Arts Podcast Launching Soon! Be Interviewed And Share Your Knowledge!

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Emma Whamond

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Are you a successful martial arts school owner? If so, a new podcast is starting that is looking for YOU. This new martial arts podcast highlights school owners and their strategies for growth and managing their schools. Called the “ Podcast“, this new podcast will start soon. Right now, we’re looking for a few more school owners to interview for our first batch of podcasts. The criteria is simple:

  • You need to have success as a school owner. It’s that simple. However, “success” is not defined as “big”. You don’t need a huge school or a lot of students to qualify to be interviewed. All you need is a track record of success and a willingness to share your knowledge with others.

Do you have an unusual way of handing walk-ins? A unique method to get students to complete their intro class? A way to use email to follow up on missing students? A great way to conduct demos at the local mall?

If so, please share!

Remember: as martial artists, we’re still ONE community - regardless of style. It’s up to us to help each other for the goal of bringing the incredible benefits of martial arts to more and more students.

The interview will be conducted over the phone (or via Skype) and will last about one hour. Editing will be minimal. The podcast will be published on iTunes and on this blog.

New Martial Arts Podcast Launching Soon! Be One Of The First Guests!

Why would you devote your time or energy to being interviewed? The answer is simple:

Benefits You Get For Appearing As a Guest On The Podcast:

  • First of all, you’ll get valuable exposure. You’ll receive a backlink from to your website and this is extremely valuable for boosting your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines. A highly relevant link like this from our blog to your website can boost you many places in Google, depending on your current ranking. This alone could put you on top of your nearest competitor.

  • Boosts your reputation as an expert martial artist and school owner. This is great PR for you. Pass along your interview to prospective students or their parents. Transcribe the interview and use it as a hand-out for prospects. Link to it on your website. Being professionally interviewed could throw the spotlight on YOU as the #1 martial arts expert in your local area.

  • Fun! It’s just plain fun to be interviewed, share your knowledge and be acknowledge as the expert you are. You’ll leave with a good feeling that you gave back to the martial arts community!

So get in touch with us! If you’re interested in being considered, please email us at and we’ll get in touch!

And if you know another school owner who is a good candidate for being interviewed, please pass this page along to them.

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