Martial Arts Software For Your Dojo

Finally! Complete Control Over Your Academy

Everything you need to run your martial arts studio smoothly is here in - the breakthrough new martial arts software that puts your school on auto-pilot. Track attendance, promote and test students, collect payments, market your school, capture leads...all stress-free. You're about to discover a new way to manage your martial arts school.

Manage Students Quickly and Easily

All student data at your fingertips: attendance history. Promotions and belt tests. Tournament participation. Testing results. Attendance. Make enrollments and upgrades trouble-free. Secure and confidential. Tap into the power of your student base. Nothing comes close to for student management.

Attendance Software That Does the Work for You

The quickest, easiest attendance tracking in the industry. Use a card scanner or check your students in manually. Or enable "Kiosk" mode and let students to check themselves in. Intuitive attendance calendar reveals who's missing. Reports show attendees, absentees and attendance trends. Link your attendance with promotions and set standards.

Get Paid Quickly and Easily

Past-due students? Collect immediately with and instantly pocket more money from your existing student base. Discover the joys of trouble-free accounting and effortless scheduling. Follow current, and continuously up-to-date, student payments and testing fees. Ensure the growth of your school with billing, this system will note precisely who owes you, how much, and for how long. Replace the guess-work with certainty in a hugely important aspect of your business.

Belts and Curriculum

Conduct belt testings, promotions, student upgrades, and testing fees like magic, all from only one platform. Effortlessly advance your students to the next stripe or belt with only a click of a button. Add notes about student performance to their student card and gauge progress as the software keeps count of attendance, testings, and promotability. Simply sit back and allow to pull the weight as you reconnect to your students while they travel up the ranks at your school.

Martial Arts Marketing is a single package that encompasses a battle-hardened software with tested accountability as well as a multitude of success stories, yet is affordable! You could pay double, triple the price for other martial arts CRM systems and come out the other end with less gratifying results. will let you rest assured your business will run efficiently, effectively, and earn endlessly. From attendance, to belt promotions and events, to billing, calendars, email blasts, and complete customer support. We’re here for you.

Martial Arts Management

No more surprises. Avoid blind spots. Discover unexpected opportunities. Complete the mastery of running your business with fast, reliable, rock-solid software. With the use of this martial arts CRM, you will prove the weight of this software and nimbly administer the turn-out of your school. Organize, supervise, control with a master’s touch. By utilizing the multitude of easy-to-use features in, you can devour the competition, improve your stats, and sleep soundly! Managing student progress, finances, belt testings, attendance and more couldn’t be easier.

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