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Martial Arts School Software That Packs Power & Simplicity

School owners consistently rank this as their top preference; why is that? MartialArts.io was meticulously crafted from scratch to be not just simple, but also robust. Your focus as a martial arts school owner should be on educating students, not on getting bogged down with administrative chores. Let MartialArts.io handle the tedious, repetitive tasks for you, so you can concentrate on what truly matters to you: imparting martial arts skills and transforming lives.

list of active martial arts students with their profile photo, belt, and descriptive tags

Built Just for Martial Arts Schools

As a martial arts school owner, your requirements are unique. The features that a gym or CrossFit studio may need are not relevant to you. That's the reason MartialArts.io has been tailored solely for martial arts schools, in fact, MartialArts.io was conceived, designed, and brought to life by martial artists, exclusively for fellow practitioners of the art. Whether it's Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, or any other martial art, MartialArts.io encompasses them all.

kids practicing jiu-jitsu by sparring during class

There are so many choices out there when it comes to Karate school software. But this is the best I've tried so far. I call MartialArts.io my 'dojo manager' since it does pretty much does it all. I'm much happier now that I've switched.

shotokan karate instructor
Tonya Smith
Shotokan Karate

Very, very easy to use. MartialArts.io does so much but it's so simple and user-friendly. Props to the MartialArts.io team! This is now my #1 choice for my school.

krav maga instructor
Dwayne Simmons
Mixed Martial Arts / UFC Training

Quick and Easy Attendance Tracking

Track attendance through martial arts attendance cards, scanners, self check-in (in "Kiosk mode"), or simple click entry. MartialArts.io offers you four dynamic and straightforward methods to log your students' attendance. Plus, you gain access to an innovative attendance calendar, enabling you to swiftly gauge daily attendance, identify peak days at your academy, analyze attendance patterns over time, and more. Enhance your school's retention rate, increase the number of students in class, and elevate your testing and promotion figures with the industry's most efficient and user-friendly attendance tracker!

list of active martial arts students with their picture, their belt and their attendance date

Martial Arts Software That Goes Where You Go

Forget about downloading additional software. Whether you're at your school's desktop or on the move, just log into MartialArts.io, and you're all set. This cutting-edge software is compatible with virtually any device and engineered for rapid performance. Be it an iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Google Pixel, Android tablet, or desktop, your data remains safe and accessible at your fingertips whenever you need it. With MartialArts.io, you have the freedom and flexibility to take your school wherever you go.

three cell phones using martialarts.io students, payments, and attendance pages

The attendance feature is what I like best. It saves me so much time to have all my students check in themselves at my front desk. I look at the attendance for the day and everything is already recorded in there. Highly recommended.

 brazilian jiu jitsu instructor
Rafael Rodriguez
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I can't believe what you get for the money with MartialArts.io. I've used lots of other martial arts management programs and this is hands-down the best I've found - and its price is something any school owner can afford.

wingchun instructor
Philip Lee
Wing Chun

Martial Arts Billing The Easy Way

Managing the finances of your martial arts school can often be a tedious and aggravating task. But not anymore. With MartialArts.io's billing system, receiving payments becomes quicker, dealing with overdue accounts decreases, and you can instantly view who owes you money, the amount, and the duration of the debt. With MartialArts.io, your faster and more reliable payments safeguards your reputation and credibility.

page listing student payments with the amount, student, due date

Promote Like A Pro

Handle and monitor testings, belts, ranks, promotions, and even the details like mid-terms and stripes, all in one place. Easily log scores, jot down observations on a student's performance, and with a simple click, promote that student to the next level – be it a new belt, rank, or even just a stripe. Everything required to seamlessly manage your belt tests and promotions is readily available with MartialArts.io.

The software automatically compiles a list of students eligible for advancement, and with a single click, you can send out invitations to them. Inform your entire school community about an approaching test to ensure a full house.

instructor writing on paper grading student performance

Good dojo management software is hard to find. I have a small school with unique needs. So I was skeptical at first to try MartialArts.io. But it's very flexible and lets me do what I need without wasting time. I can safely say it has surpassed my expectations.

kenpo karate instructor
Patrick Woods
Kenpo Karate

I do all the billing, attendance tracking,belt ordering, manage the front desk, everything. Sometimes I feel like that guy who carried the world on his shoulders - Atlas. Martial arts software like this, however, makes it easy. Now that I've switched, I'm much happier.

aikido instructor
Christine Allen

Powerful and Full-Featured, Yet Affordable

You might find yourself spending hundreds monthly on a martial arts system that offers the robust features that MartialArts.io provides, including:

  • Student Management
  • Robust Email Marketing
  • Streamlined Billing Solutions
  • Efficient Lead and Sales Tracking
  • Easy-to-use Attendance Recording
  • Testings and Promotions Management
  • Comprehensive School Statistics and Reports
  • Hassle-free Tests and Belt Promotions
  • Web-based, Secure, and Compatible with Any Device
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Exceptional Support

What makes it even more appealing is that every MartialArts.io plan is accompanied by a no-risk 30-day free trial, allowing you to explore all these features free without any commitment. Experience the power of MartialArts.io today!

attendance calendar with blue bubbles showing size of student attendance

Free Martial Arts Business Software for Small Clubs and Schools

Are you the owner of a small martial arts club or school? Now you can access the same premier martial arts software that larger schools utilize daily to manage academies with 200 or more students, and it's entirely free! Yes, you read that right: MartialArts.io presents a 100% complimentary plan for schools with up to 20 students.

Take the first step towards growth by signing up with MartialArts.io today. When you're ready to expand, effortlessly upgrade to one of our professional plans, with all your existing data preserved. Plus, as a Pro member, you'll unlock even more cutting-edge features designed to simplify your life. Join now, and embark on a journey with MartialArts.io that's tailored to your needs!

taekwondo instructor with students

I'm a part-time instructor and run a very small school - just 17 students. It's nice that MartialArts.io offers a free version for smaller schools like mine. It's a perfect fit for me and my teaching style as well as my students. Hopefully, using MartialArts.io I will grow my school over time!

krav maga instructor
Nelson May
Krav Maga

The marketing features, lead tracking and email blast are highly valuable. I boosted my closing rate 43% since starting to use MartialArts.io! That's awesome. I can see exactly where every lead is in my sales pipeline, the MartialArts.io marketing features are what I use most.

taekwondo instructor
Thomas Flores

Enroll More Students, Boost Your Retention

Monitor your leads from the initial inquiry through to student enrollment with MartialArts.io. Automate follow-ups, tasks, log calls, notes, and utilize MartialArts.io's email blast feature to reach everyone with just one click! This functionality turns the announcement of new programs, products, pro shop items, belt tests, and seminars into a simple task.

Keep everyone informed, increase student enrollment, enhance your closing rates, and maximize the potential of every lead – whether it's a walk-in, a lead from a demo, a referral, a phone call, or a web inquiry. MartialArts.io's robust marketing system acts like your personal martial arts software engine, fueling growth and efficiency in all aspects of your school's operations. Experience the convenience and power of MartialArts.io today!

list of potential students with their name, email, and inquiry date

Kick Ass Support

The support team at MartialArts.io is known for its ultra-responsive assistance. Should you encounter any issues or have any questions, expect a nearly immediate response. But the likelihood of needing help is minimal. MartialArts.io is designed to be so intuitive and user-friendly that it doesn't even necessitate a manual or help section. Most newcomers find themselves fully operational within mere minutes.

In the unlikely event that you do have a question or need guidance from an experienced professional to navigate the software, we're readily available for a call, a demo, or any questions. Need your students and data imported from other software? We'll handle it for you, free of charge. No matter where you are in the world or what time zone you're in, with MartialArts.io, you'll be up and running without delay. We're committed to being here for you every step of the way!

a kid kicking towards another kid in a taekwondo sparring match

Your Critical Numbers at a Glance

The MartialArts.io dashboard is your gateway to total control over your academy. It provides a comprehensive view of all vital statistics, including active students, enrollments, attendance, overdue payments, tasks, alerts, and more. Through user-friendly graphs and charts, you can effortlessly identify trends, compare your progress from month to month, and assess your yearly success.

MartialArts.io's management software places you firmly in the driver's seat, ensuring that you navigate your academy's journey with full visibility and confidence.

school dashboard with student stats and a graph showing student attendance trends

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