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Are you frustrated by your current martial arts software? Is it too complex and hard to use? Is it simply too expensive? Then read on. Because what you're about to discover a new way to manage your martial arts school.

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Martial Arts Studio Software That Delivers Power AND Simplicity


Martial Arts Studio Software That Delivers Power AND Simplicity

The #1 thing we hear from members: "It's so easy to use!"

That's because was designed from the ground upto be simple to use.

As martial artists ourselves, we know you make your money teaching classes, enrolling new students, hosting belt tests, holding seminars, growing your school and interacting with students (and parents). Not handling all the "back office stuff".

Put your school on auto-pilot. Leave all the boring, repetitive tasks to so you can focus on what you do best: teaching martial arts and changing lives.

Keep reading to discover exactly how will do that for you...

Here's What Early Users And School Owners Are Saying martial arts software reviews from MMA user

"Very, very easy to use. does so much but it's so simple and user-friendly. Mad props to the developers! These guys know what they're doing. You can tell they're martial artists. This is now my #1 choice for my school."

- Dwayne Simmons
Mixed Martial Arts / UFC Training martial arts software reviews from a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu user

"The attendance feature is what I like best. It saves me so much time to have all my students check in themselves at my front desk. I look at the attendance for the day and everything is already recorded in there. Highly recommended."

- Rafael Rodriguez
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial arts software reviews from a Karate user

"There are so many choices out there when it comes to Karate school software. But this is the best I've tried so far. I call my 'dojo manager' since it does pretty much does it all. I'm much happier now that I've switched."

- Tonya Smith
Shotokan Karate martial arts software reviews from a Wing Chun Kung Fu User

"I can't believe what you get for the money with I've used lots of other martial arts management programs and this is hands-down the best I've found - and its price is something any school owner can afford."

- Sifu Marcus Juarez
Wing Chun

Quick and Easy Attendance Tracking

Record student attendance with martial arts attendance cards, scanner, student self check-in ("Kiosk mode") or simple click entry. With, you have four powerful and easy ways to log your students' attendance. You decide what works best for you.

You also get our unique attendance calendar to quickly see how many students attended each day, the biggest days at your academy, view your attendance trends over time and more.

Boost your school's retention, the number of students who attend class, your testing and promotions percentage with the quickest, easiest attendance tracker in the industry!

More about attendance here.


Martial Arts Billing The Easy Way


Martial Arts Billing The Easy Way

Let's face it: collecting your students' tuition, testing fees and other purchases can be a time-consuming, frustrating and sometimes unpleasant process.

Not any longer. Using's unique martial arts billing system, you'll get paid faster, suffer fewer past-due accounts, see at a glance exactly who owes you, how much they owe and for how long.

Our fully automated, intelligent follow-up system does the hard work of following up on your past-due accounts in a friendly, professional way. This gets you paid quicker as well as protects your reputation and your good name. has your back. Get paid on time... every time.

Discover more about our unique billing system here.

Enroll More Students and Boost Your Retention

Track your leads from initial contact all the way to student enrollment. Follow up with leads automatically. Create tasks, record calls and notes, and use our highly-rated email blast feature (shown at right): create one message and blast it to your entire list with one click! This makes marketing new products, pro shop items, programs, belt tests and seminars a breeze. This easy outreach also makes informing out to your students (and parents) super easy in the event of big news or a school closure. Keep everybody in the loop.

Enroll more students, boost your closing rate and make the most out of every lead that comes your way - whether it's a walk-in, lead from a demo, referral, phone call, web inquiry, you name it!'s power marketing system is your own personal martial arts software rainmaker!

More about power marketing for your academy here.


Streamline Your Testings


Streamline Your Testings

Manage and track testings, belts, ranks and promotions...even mid-terms and stripes.

Quickly record scores, add notes on how a student performed, then simply click a button to advance that student to the next level - whether that's a new belt, rank or just a stripe.

Everything you need to manage your belt tests is at your fingertips. Automatically generate a list of students eligible to test. Then click to send out an invitation to those students. Quickly and easily notify your entire school about an upcoming test and pack the house! Streamline your entire testing process, boost the number of students who test and collect more in testing fees.

Find out more about's testing system here.

Martial Arts School Software That Goes Where You Go

No need to download any extra software. Whether you're on your desktop in your school or on the road, simply log onto and you're ready to go. works on virtually every device and it's optimized for speed.

Whether you use an iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Google Pixel, Android tablet or phone or desktop browser, your data is at your findertips at all times. goes where you go.

See the full list of devices shown here.


Your School's Critical Numbers at a Glance


Your School's Critical Numbers at a Glance

Your dashboard finally puts you in complete control of your academy.

See your critical numbers at a glance: active students, current enrollments, attendance, payments, alerts and more!

With full graphs and charts, you can also spot trends over time, measure your success month to month as well as year to year. This includes new students, retention, testing percentage, attendance, payments, billing, money collected, income sources, lifetime student value, your entire sales funnel and so much more. management software just works - and puts you in the driver's seat of your academy. You'll never be in the dark again. React sooner. Plan better.

Explore more about's reports.

Built Exclusively for Martial Arts Schools

Fact is, as a martial arts school owner, you have specific needs. You don't need the same features a gym or crossfit studio might.

That's why is built exclusively for martial arts schools - and only martial arts schools. Unlike other martial arts software, you'll never see yoga, crossfit, dance or other non-martial arts features appear in your software. was designed and developed by martial artists for martial artists...only.

Karate school software, Jiu-Jitsu school software, Taekwondo software... is all of these and more. What is your art?

More about the specific martial arts-only design.

Only for Martial Arts

Powerful and Full-featured yet affordable

Affordable and Powerful

Powerful and Full-featured yet affordable

You could pay hundreds a month for a martial arts CRM system that packs the punch does:

Fully automated billing solution. Lead and sales tracking system. Student management. Power email marketing. Flexible, easy attendance. School stats, health and reports. Tests and belt promotions. Web-based, secure and works on any device. Simple and easy to use. Stellar support.

Competitors charge hundreds per month for that level of martial arts management. But not - plans start at just $29 per month. We also offer a free plan which never expires. Best of all, every plan comes with a 30-day free trial.

How much are plans? Less than you might think.

See our plans and pricing page here.

Kick Ass Support

The support team prides itself on its highly-responsive, almost fanatic support. You'll hear back immediately if and when you ever have an issue or question.

But chances are, that won't happen. is so intuitive and easy to use, that it doesn't even require a manual or help section. Most new members are up and running in a matter of minutes. Really.

However, in the rare event you do have a question - or simply need an experienced support person to walk you through the software - no problem. We're here for you. We will even import your students and data from another program free of charge. Whatever your time zone or part of the world, you'll be on your way in no time!

Go to our Support Center Here

Support Page for Martial Arts Software

More Success Stories martial arts software reviews from a Kenpo Karate user

"Good dojo management software is hard to find. I have a small school with unique needs. So I was skeptical at first to try But it's very flexible and lets me do what I need without wasting time. I can safely say it has surpassed my expectations."

- Patrick Woods
Kenpo Karate martial arts software reviews from an Aikido user

"I do all the billing, attendance tracking, belt ordering, manage the front desk, everything. Sometimes I feel like that guy who carried the world on his shoulders - Atlas. Martial arts software like this, however, makes it easy. Now that I've switched, I'm much happier."

- Christine Allen
Aikido martial arts software reviews from a Krav Maga user

"I'm a part-time instructor and run a very small school - just 17 students. It's nice that offers a free version for smaller schools like mine. It's a perfect fit for me and my teaching style as well as my students. Hopefully, using I will grow my school over time!"

- Nelson May
Krav Maga martial arts software reviews from a Taekwondo user

"The marketing features, lead tracking and email blast are highly valuable. I boosted my closing rate 43% since starting to use! That's awesome. I can see exactly where every lead is in my sales pipeline, so the marketing features are what I use most."

- Thomas Flores

Free Martial Arts Business Software for Small Clubs and Schools


Free Martial Arts Business Software for Small Clubs and Schools

Do you run a small martial arts club or school?

If so, now you can enjoy - totally free! - the same world-class martial arts software larger schools use every day to manage academies of 200 or more students.

That's right: offers a 100% free plan for schools with up to 20 students.

So sign up now to start growing with, and when the time is right, simply upgrade to one of our paid plans. Your existing data remains intact.

Even better, as a paid ("Pro") member you get even more breakthrough features to make your life easier!

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