Martial Arts Attendance Tracking

Track Student Attendances at Your Dojo - Stress-free!

Everything you need, no hassle, from quickly logging student attendances to organizing a self check-in (kiosk mode) to viewing attendance trends at your school. allows you to work with an array of powerful and straightforward features for tracking student attendance and progress.

student profile showing student attendance

The Attendance Calendar Reveals All introduces a unique approach to tracking attendance with its "bubble chart" attendance calendar. This visually engaging tool reveals your monthly attendance trends at a glance. Large bubbles represent days with high student attendance, while smaller bubbles indicate days with fewer students in class. Simply click on a bubble, and a detailed list of students present on that day will appear below.

The bubble chart is user-friendly and provides valuable insights into your attendance patterns over time. It's a powerful tool for assessing the impact of new programs and which days and times are best for students. Use the bubble chart as a tool for student retention.

bubbles calendar page with students visible

Let Your Students Do the Work with Kiosk Mode

Streamline your check-in process by activating "Kiosk Mode" on a tablet at your front desk. This allows your students to handle their own check-ins — a process as simple as entering their name and clicking "Check In." The moment they do, the system logs their attendance, saving you both time and inconvenience. It's just one more way that simplifies the management of your school, leaving you more time on the mat to focus on instructing students and excelling at what you do best.

self check-in for students in kiosk

Effortlessly Keep Up with the Attendance History of Each of Your Students

Through the student detail page, you're able to access the students' attendance history. Here you can keep track of the promotability of your student and how often they're attending class.

student profile showing attendance record

Rip Through Attendance Cards With Power Entry with Ease

Quickly and easily select students to check them in for attendance. Not only can you check students in for current, future, and past class attendance, but you can do all of this in merely seconds.

attendance entry made for a student using power entry feature

Use Tags to Instantly Organize and Search for Students

The fastest way to organize and search for your students is through using tags, then you can simply search by tag. Blue belt? Instructor? Kids Class? Competitor?

students profiles showing all students that have blue belts is the best martial arts software on the market. Fast, stress-free, easy-to-use! The all-in-one tool to help grow your dojo today. What are you waiting for? Act now! Learn more here or get a demo now

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