Martial Arts Attendance Software

Make Short Work of Student Attendance

Everything you need from overseeing student attendance cards to organizing a self check-in (Kiosk mode) for students to viewing student calendars. allows you to work with an array of powerful and crucial features for tracking student attendance and progress. You decide what works best for you.


This Unique Attendance Calendar Reveals All

Quite possibly the most unique way of tracking you've ever seen,'s "bubble chart" attendance calendar reveals your attendance trends for the month. Big bubbles stand for days with lots of students attending. Days with fewer students in class are shown by smaller bubbles. Then click a bubble to show all the students in class that day down below. Highly visual and easy to use, this unique attendance calendar helps you see your attendance trends over time. Highly valuable for new programs offered as well as increasing student retention.


Let Your Students Do the Work with Kiosk Mode

Save time by placing an iPad or other tablet at your front desk. Enable "Kiosk Mode" in and allow your students to check themselves in. Nothing could be simpler. A student simply enters his or her name and clicks "Check In". Instantly, the system records them as attending class. And you've saved yourself time and hassle. Just another way makes running your school easier and helps keep you on the mat (or floor) instructing students and doing what you did best.


Who Is Ready To Promote?

Do you have attendance requirements in order to test or be eligible for promotion? Many martial arts schools do. That’s why includes a unique - and easy! - system of tracking your student’s testing or promotion eligibility. It all hinges on their attendance. All done automatically, in the background. No need for your input. When a student is eligible for promotion (or test), a small button will appear, giving you the power to swiftly and readily promote the students who have worked hard for a new stripe or belt.


Keep Up With The Attendance History of Each and Every Single One of Your Students

Through the student detail page, you're able to access the students' attendance history. This aspect of the software can help you keep track of the promotability of your students and the time they have been enrolled in your school.


Do You Know Who Is Attending Regularly? Know Who Isn't?

The attendees and absentees aspects of the software are a straightforward yet important aspect of observing the attendance of your school. Access a list of all the students attending class on a specific day, week, or month, or a list of the absentee students. Attendance and absenteeism affects the promotability of a particular student. In a few clicks you would know who is eligible for the next stripe or belt, who has missed a class, and who has perfect attendance.


Rip Through Attendance Cards With Power Entry

Quickly and easily select students to check them in for attendance. Not only can you check students in for current, future, and past class attendance, but you can do all of this in merely seconds, just a few clicks on a button.


Check In Your Entire Class...30 Seconds Flat

The fastest way to enter a student into the attendance system, with only a single click of a button. Scroll through a list of your students and check them in. Each student shows up with their name, belt, and aviatar.


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