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Manage every detail you need to know in your enrollment. From student tuition, testing events, and promotions, to tracking leads, student histories, and tasks. All from one platfrom. manage students with ease:

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The Heartbeat of Your Software - The Dashboard

The dashboard is the heart of your software, a review of your school at a first sight as you open the software. The dashboard immediately shows you how many and whose payments are past-due, who have missed at least two weeks of class and who are eligible for promotion. As you move down the dashboard, you notice your student stats, attendance stats, marketing stats, weekly reviews. The student stats present your student activity, the attendance stats give you an overview of the attendance for your school, and the marketing stats display your average student lifetime value. Your dashboard uncovers details about your leads as well. Simply on the dashboard you'll be aware of the number of inquiries, appointments, intros, and trials you have for your leads. The dashboard also shows you a progression of the leads generated weekly, your school's weekly enrollment, and the inactivity rate on a weekly basis. The power of the dashboard in is unmatched. Deliver to your students and your school.

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Complete Every Task with More Accuracy and Less Stress

Daily tasks management in your school is made effortless with the Tasks tab in the software. You can create tasks for your students, your leads, and for yourself. Simply a checklist of what you need to do, what you need to do for your students, and for your leads. Whether the task is to order a belt for a student, to call and make an appointment with a lead, or to buy more mats. Check off your tasks as you complete them. You can even filter the tasks, from tasks for today or past-due tasks, complete tasks or upcoming. No more forgetting goals and duties. Simple. Predictable. Effective. Works no matter what art you teach: Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Judo...or any other martial art.

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Smooth Sailing While Managing Your Student Body and Student Details is the most effective software on the market for student management. Manage your students' goals, tasks, payments, attendances, promotions, belts, and more all from one platfrom. The student profile page gives a comprehensive summary of all you need to know about your students. Group students in the software by adding tags. You can promote your students right from their profile page, record notes about a students' progress and much more. Disover now.

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