Martial Arts Business Software

Level Up Your Marketing and Retain More Students

Unleash a powerful marketing blitz with help from the best martial arts management software. Send targeted email blasts to leads, prospects, and students - personalized just for them.

Directly capture leads from your website into for seamless follow-ups, even when you're on the mat or floor instructing.

With a business management tool specifically for your martial arts school, you can make a significant impact in your local market. Watch your martial arts school ascend to the top as you discover untapped opportunities.

Instantly increase your revenue, ignite a wave of referrals, boost your pro shop sales, and firmly establish yourself as the local authority in martial arts.

list of email blasts the school owner has sent out

Potential Clients to Students Climbing the Ranks

Edge in on possible leads with the help of The leads tab in the software is perfectly tailored for finding and compiling a list of potential students for your dojo.

In addition to quickly having an assessable list of possible students, you can make profiles for your leads, write notes and assign tasks for yourself with respect to your next lead.

Control the flow of your leadsd: take them from inquiry to free intro class to trial and finally to a happy student in your academy.

Couldn't be easier!

lead profile updated from appointment to intro

Connect to Your Whole School Through Email Blasts

The email blast feature is the ideal solution for communicating en masse with your entire studentbase. Whether you're announcing upcoming events, testing days, holidays, curriculum adjustments, or any other news, this tool ensures that every student in your academy stays informed.

By utilizing the email blast function, you'll significantly enhance student awareness and engagement in various events. This broad-reaching capability is seamlessly integrated into the marketing component of the software, allowing you to connect with your students like never before.

And by the way, this email blast works seamlessly with AI tools such as ChatGPT!

And with a FREE martial arts AI communication tool we created recently, you don't need to do much thinking at all.

Just tell the AI what you want to say and watch it crank out a perfectly-crafted school newsletter, email to retain students, announce an upcoming belt test, whatever you need.

Then use the blast function to send it out to everybody with one click. It's a huge time-saver!

email blast created and sent is the best martial arts software on the market. Fast, stress-free, easy-to-use! The all-in-one tool to help grow your dojo today. What are you waiting for? Act now! Learn more here or get a demo now

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