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Track Student Attendance and Monitor Their Progress

Attack your market with a devastating marketing blitz. Blast emails to leads, prospects and students, tailored specifically for them. Capture leads directly from your website into for automatic follow-up while you're on the mat or floor. is your secret weapon to dominate your competition. Make waves in your local market. Sit back and watch as your martial arts school jumps to the top. Uncover little-known opportunities. Instantly pocket more money with your school. Jump-state a referral surge at your school. Increase your pro shop sales. Cement your status as the local expert. No more 'ready'. Aim. Fire. marketing the easy way:

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Potential Clients to Students Climbing the Ranks

Edge in on possible leads with the help of The leads tab in the software is perfectly tailored for finding and compiling a list of potential students for your dojo. In addition to quickly having an assessable list of possible students, you can make profiles for your leads, write notes and assign tasks for yourself with respect to your next lead. Move up your leads from only inquiries to fighting in your dojo in no time. Track their customer progress, from the original inquiry, to appointment, to into, to trial, and finally to student status at your academy. Couldn't be easier!

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Connect to Your Whole School Through Email Blasts

The email blast is perfect for sending mass emails to your whole school, as well as making sure every student in your academy is aware of upcoming events, testing days, holidays, curriculum changes, and any other announcement. With the use of the email blast you will dramatically improve student awareness and student participation in events. This type of universal outreach is made possible with's email blasts in the marketing aspect of the software.

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